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a Healthier Lifestyle

Using tap can make you vulnerable to many different water imperfections that have been proven to lead to serious health risks. Our premier water filtraition systems give you and your family the highest quality water supply 24/7.

Who Are We?

Vivid Water FL your Complete Water Solutions

With a solid reputation as a trusted water system company and extensive experience in the industry, our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide you with clean and safe water systems for your homes or businesses. You can rely on us to promptly evaluate and resolve any plumbing issue, ensuring your utmost satisfaction while maintaining affordability. Rest easy knowing that your water systems are in the capable hands of our reliable service.

What We Do

Water Testing

Our trained and licensed professionals know the right steps to take to analyze individual water treatment scenarios and to properly correct problem areas. If you have a known issue with your water’s taste, look, smell or you need a precautionary test, we can help.


Once we’ve determined your water quality, Pinnacle’s professionals will go over the results and suggest steps that should be taken based on those conclusions. We’ll listen to your concerns, and come up with a proposal to solve your water problem, which fits your individual need and budget.

Install & Services

After installing your new system, we provide the supplies you need whether you are a home or business. We provide salts(s) like potassium chloride and sodium chloride, filters, cartridges, and many other items for your filtration equipment.

Our Products

Purified Water Benefits

You are what you drink. About 60% of the human body is made up of water. So what’s in your water?

Refined Water Benefits

Water runs throughout your home. Understand the many ways that refined water benefits you.

Common Water Challenges

What do your pipes, appliances, faucets, tubs, sinks, dishes and more want you to know?

Reviews & Testimonials

We have had Guardian Water Services as a vendor for many years. We recently had a regular service done. We had a trainer and trainee this time, Jason and Mike respectively.
Troy Powells
The service tech arrived early. Jason was very considerate and friendly. Jason removed my old system and installed the new one in about an hour.
Robert Eaton
Happy with our water treatment system! My hair doesn’t feel crunchy after a wash, and my skin doesn’t feel dry after a shower, satisfied customer!!
Labadie Vivienne

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