VIvid Pro Products

Pre Elite Series 5

The Vivid Pre Elite Series 5 is provided with a specialized configuration of filtering media.

Introducing the Vivid Pre Elite Series 5

Water filtration system equipped with an exceptional configuration of advanced filtering media. With its high microporosity coconut shell carbon, this system effortlessly reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste, and odor, ensuring every sip is refreshingly pure.

High Microporosity

Reduces Chlorine, Unpleasant Taste, And Odor.

Ion Exchange Media

High-capacity Ion Exchange Resin Removes Hardness-causing Minerals.

Bacteriostat 55

Inhibits Bacteria Growth And Reduces Heavy Metals.

Garnet Filtration Media

Provides 20-micron Sediment Filtration And Even Distribution Of Water Flow.

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