Drinking Water Systems

PRO Reverse Osmosis System

Upgrade your hydration game with our Innovative reverse osmosis technology and savor the purest water imaginable.

The Nuvis Reverse Osmosis System has Five HIGH-PERFORMANCE Filtration Stages

5-Micron Sediment Filter Module

Step 1

Removes microscopic particles, extending the system’s life.
5-Micron Sediment Filter Module

Activated Carbon Block Filter Module

Step 2

Extended-contact Activated Carbon Block further enhances your water by reducing odor and bad taste-causing elements like chlorine and chloramines.
Activated Carbon Block Filter Module

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Step 3

This is the heart of the system. Dissolved particles, too small to be trapped by the prefilters, are removed by the semi-permeable membrane, further reducing contaminants in the water.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Enhanced-Contact Filter Module

Step 4

The extended contact step removes any remaining taste and odor, leaving a clean, fresh taste to the water.
Enhanced-Contact Filter Module

In-line Post Filter Module

Step 5

Last but not least, as the final stage of filtration, an in-line filter module is strategically placed as the finishing step just before the water reaches its final destination, your drinking glass.
In-line Post Filter Module

State-of-the-Art Features

Patented Design

Exclusive Patented Manifold Channel Design reduces tubing connections and streamlines installation.

High Capacity Tank

Holds approximately three gallons of water without taking up a lot of space.

Automatic Shut-off

Tried and proven technology automatically senses when the storage tank is full and pauses the production of high-quality water.

Maximum Production

High-Performance Membrane, with a rating of 50 gallons (1 89 liters) per day output.

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